Lower extremities

Latest technologies in the sector of prothesis for lower extremities!

An amputation is always a turning point in the life! So we want to support and help you and your family. That we can offer the best supply, our employees drive to different trainings to be up-to-date.

We are here for you from the beginning – we supply you with your interim prothesis. Subsequent we provide you with the optimal definitve prothesis. Our aim is it, that you are provided with the latest technologies from the beginning. The supply concept, which we make for you, is made individual for you!

We can offer an interdisciplinary team with doctors and physiotherapists. If you have any problems with your payers, we support you, that you can get your supply completely.
Furthermore we offer a walking school, with this you can directly train to walk with your new prothesis supervised by our physiotherapist. If required, we can change something with your prothesis. Feel free to take a look on our page of our walking school.

We also can offer individual covers for prothesis with our partner UNYQ. That makes your prothesis individual and unique.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us with our contact form.