Klaus Breu – new courage to face life after hip disarticulation

Our client from Hamburg recounts his story:

“In February 2017 my right leg inclusive the hip has to be amputated after my carcinosis. After my operation the “black hole” came in form of thought like: I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair”. A few days after my operation I get to know Ralph Scharpenberg. We talked about a prothesis for me. He told me that only a Hüftey prothesis would be possible – a challenge for technician and patient! After my discharge and plenty check ups, I came to Rostock in June 2017, where my Hüftkorb were adjusted. Two weeks later I came back to Rostock and got my prothesis. In the beginning it was not easy, because I had to carry more weight. After a while it was easier and today I just can say, that I am really happy, that I met the company Scharpenberg! Because of my prothesis I got more courage to face life!”