Orthopädie-Technik Scharpenberg e.K.

Medical Supply Store • Orthopedic Technology

The medical supply store Scharpenberg is a dynamic and innovative company and it is our aim to contribute to the mobilization – and thereby to the quality of live – of handicapped people.

Our success in the last 20 years shows us that our concept is the right one. We proudly can say that our team composed of 50 accomplished qualified personnel, giving the best in Rostock, Stralsund, Pritzwalk, HagenowPerleberg, Demmin and Wolgast.

For the best patient-centered care, we work together with doctors and health insurance funds.


Our benefits in an overview:

Orthopedic Technology
Orthopedic Technology:
We provide individual solutions – in our factories for prosthetic, orthotic, bandages, we produc your aids.
Rehab Technology
Rehab Technology:
We offer different products from the rehab devision to help you to enjoy your life.
Medical Supply Store
Medical Supply Store:
Our colleaques advise you in all divisions personal and individual.
Analysis centrum
Analysis centrum:
With the most modern technology we provide walk analysis for aid, protheses and orthosis user.
Child orthopedic technology/Child rheab
Child orthopedic technology/Child rehab:
As a certificated and experienced company we are the right contact person, if it’s about supplies for childs.
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