Gait analysis with Dartfish

In our head office we have the possibility to offer a video assisted gait analysis with the program “Dartfish”. Here we record the gait with two high-resolution cameras and it get evaluated with this program.

Why this type of analysis?

On the one hand we can assess, which aid is the right one for you. On the other hand, we can improve your extant aid (e.g. prothesis, orthosis, …), what would be difficult without the program. The aim is to improve the gait pattern!

What can be measured?

We can measure for every joint, in every phase the angle and compare it with reference value of the physiological walking. The slow-motion feature is really important to recognize subtleties. We are also able to evaluate the step length.

Why do we need this kind of analysis?

Not only for the optimization and improvement for the aids, as well as an evidence for the statutory health insurances and private insurances.

If you are interested in a gait analysis, take a look to our analysis centrum or write us over the contact form!