Analysis centrum

“You have pain in waist or muscles in the everyday life? You can’t do your sport as usual because of pain? Or you just want to improve your activity? Than visit us in the Neptunallee 1a and look for advice with our physiotherapist!”

We help you to identify restricted gait and restricted posture problems and to develop solutions. Besides that, we would like to adapt the prothesis, orthosis or aids perfectly for you!

For this we offer motion analysis:

  • by feet problems
  • for aids, orthosis, prothesis and athletics

You can choose, with our help, between 3 different analysis:

  • standard
  • extended
  • sport plus

What do you need?

  • a short, tight-fitting pants
  • short-sleeved top
  • towel
  • used shoes respectively sport shoe, skiing boots

If you have any questions about the different analysis or other, feel free to contact us!


+49 381/800 87 0