2D/3D scan

2D scan

The 2D-scanner from Rothballer!

With the help of the 2D-scanner the foot shape gets evident. The foot get mesured, whereby the exact foot size gets apparent and it is also possible to calculate the rigth shoe size. All this is done in a few seconds.

Why is the 2D-scanner good?
It is possible to get a report for your doctor with a visuell print. Due to the scan, we can adapt the right insole for you.

3D scan

Eva – the 3D-scanner from Artec!

Within a short time it is possible to convert an object in a textured and exact 3D-model. The models have exact dimensions and are high-resolutions, so they can be used in different ways. In the healthcare sector they are often used for prothesis and orthosis. At Scharpenberg, we often use the 3D-scanner in combination with the 3D-printer. The 3D-scanner is not able to measure the inner part of an object. Because of that, our R&D team develope a measuring device for the interior of an object. With this device and the 3D-scanner it is possible to get a really exact complete measurement.